Our Story

Miller Ag Supply is an agricultural based company centered in Cowden, Illinois, with various offices scattered throughout the surrounding communities.

Miller Oil Company started in the early 1970’s selling diesel fuel, propane, and also chemical custom applications. In 1984 Miller Oil Company bought a location in Beecher City, Illinois, and started Miller Ag Supply Inc.

Miller Ag Supply Inc. branched out to cover more area and offer more services such as dry fertilizer application, crop scouting, soil testing, etc. In 1994, Miller Ag Supply Inc. opened another location in Cowden, Illinois (Miller Fertilizer and Feed), which added the ability to sell anhydrous ammonia to our customers.

In 2004, Miller Fertilizer and Feed really started to grow strong in the northern part of Shelby county which led to opening a satellite location in 2008 at Findlay.

Starting out as a small family business and branching out to 3 locations, servicing customers in 8 counties, is a big achievement to us and we are very proud of our accomplishments. We would like to thank all of our employees and, more importantly, our loyal customers for making this achievement possible.

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